Animated Lights for Giant Pinball Machine

At Totally Legit, our mission is to have fun innovating with art and technology projects, and share our work through creative exhibitions and events.

We are an interdisciplinary group of artists, technologists, designers, makers, engineers, and builders who share a passion for art, technology, and culture. We have created everything from interactive sound and lighting experiences to giant murals, often incorporating futuristic themes.  We seek to challenge traditional artistic boundaries by treating everything as a creative medium — including lasers, LEDs, painting, Arduinos, culture hacking, totally controlled lighting, pinball machines, events, community organizing, and so forth.

Be sure to check out our recent and upcoming events, or our portfolio of projects.

To foster collaboration among our crew, we converted our home (the GHOOB) into a live/work art space, including the Kilin Club for kiln work, and have developed an artists’ retreat in Skykomish called the Skywalker Cabin.

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