Extra Terrestrial

Please join member artists and friends at Passable in exploring all things Extra Terrestrial in our October art show, the month of Halloween!

With this show we seek to turn our gaze outward, “beyond the planet Earth” and imagine what else might be out there in the great expanse of the universe. With provocative news headlines indicating aliens might be closer than we think, now is the time to put on your tinfoil hat and examine otherworldly beings, alien worlds, and Others to be feared or revered in the big night sky.

Opening Party Thursday, October 12, 2023, 5pm to 9pm
(During the Capitol Hill 2nd Thursday Artwork)

Be prepared to meet aliens, and join our a tin-foil hat workshop!

Passable is owned and operated by Totally Legit LLC. This art show and opening party is brought to you in collaboration with Third Place Technologies, with the support of 4Culture.

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