Clamp Camp Plans

Since the time of the Babylonians, clamps have been essential to human survival. Next to the wheel, they are the most influential invention in the history of civilization, bringing to the arsenal of human capacity the ability to attach things together temporarily.  In celebration of the clamp, that is our camp’s primary mission – “to help you hold it together…temporarily”.

Our plan is to be the go to place for people to find clamps as they build the temporary city of Burning Man. We will have thousands of clamps in all shapes and sizes, and Clamp Counselors on hand to consult with our fellow burners about their clamping needs and generally provide counseling for temporarily holding things together.  We will have a Clamp Camp sign and archway to announce our presence.

Our secondary goal is to set up a workshop space and staff it for about 2 hours a day (1 – 3pm). For the workshops, we will have a dedicated workshop table that seats 12 at a time. In addition to staffing workshops for 2 hours a day, the workshop table will be set up 24 hours a day to enable impromptu clamp activities (“Clamptivities”). Fun clamptivities include: 

  1. The Clampionship Belt Contest. In the tradition of the Greeks and the Romans, athletic excellence should be celebrated. Therefore we announce the Clampionship Belt Contest, with the belt to be awarded to the person who can attach the most clamps to themselves.  Given the temporary nature of clamps, we will document contestants using a polaroid camera, and post polaroid pictures on a leadership board for all to enjoy.  Our carefully selected impartial judges will select the Clampionship Belt winner on Saturday (the day of the burn) at 3pm.  
  1. The Golden Clamp Award.  Another award will be given to the person who creates the most compelling sculpture with clamps. We will similarly have a leadership board and select the winner on Saturday at 3pm.
  1. Clamp Stamps. Any visitor may get a temporary lower-back tattoo created by our world renowned Clamp Artists.   
  1. Glam Clamp Workshops. Our visitors will convert clamps into bedazzled hairclamps,  clampdos, and other wearable, functional art.  The workshop table will be set up with project supplies including clamps, LEDs, paint, glue, tape, a bedazzler, and other necessities that will enable our participants to turn a clamp into a wearable accessory.  (Note tarps will be placed under the table  to collect any workshop moop.) 
  1. Clampmado Camp Party.  Finally, we will host a glam clamp and clampbake party on Saturday at 3pm, where all our clampy friends are invited to wear their best glam or vamp clamp wear and drink clampmado cocktails (clamp on a bloody mary), as they celebrate our Clampionship Belt and Golden Clamp Award winners.

Please see attached photo for illustration of our Clamp Camp activities.

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