The Zymphonic Zipline at Critical Massive!

We set up the wormhole zip line at Critical Massive! It was a slow start as far as set up goes — we realized that not only was our zip line too weak (we got a backyard kit), the platform wasn’t high enough. So, we spent a whole additional day solving these problems. But, we got it all going, including the sound and lighting component, by Friday! The kids really loved it. There were a couple of girls in particular who were addicted, going over, and over, and over, and over….


The kids loved the zipline during the day! This one girl was addicted.


Kevin, geeking out on getting the zipline wire taught.


Building the platform under the dragon and the stars.


Night time view, the LEDs would animate as you walked by, as the sounds response to your position.

Night time view.

Night time view.

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