The Story of Maps: Art Show at Passable

Please join us at our opening party for the Story of Maps: An Art Show at Passable!

a : a representation usually on a flat surface of the whole or a part of an area
— Miriam-Webster

What is a map? With modern tools of art, design, layers of data, and interactive technology, maps have evolved into complex tools for wayfinding and storytelling. In this group art show, we take a closer look at the artistry of maps in conveying stories of people, in place, over time and space.

Participating artists include: Beanne Hull :: Benjamin Flaster :: Celestial Austin :: David Hull :: Genevieve Tremblay :: Jeff Brice :: Jeffrey Larson :: Jordan Schwartz :: Joseph Gray :: Josh Lind :: Kyle Darby :: Scott Sutton :: Shelly Farnham

The opening party is during the Capitol Hill Art Walk, 2nd Thursdays of each month, 5-9pm

Passable is owned and operated by Totally Legit LLC. This art show and opening party is brought to you in collaboration with Third Place Technologies, with the support of 4Culture.

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