What makes a Totally Legit installation? They tend to be large-scale, collaborative, Interdisciplinary, at the intersection of art and technology, interactive, with cool lighting. Many of our projects were made specifically for festivals or other arts-oriented events. Below are a few of our favorites, click on the image to learn more.

Timewarp Cyberpunk Pinball Seattle
The Morel Compass
Infinity Kaleidoscope at Bumbershoot
The Digital Frontier
Attacks from Mars
The Skykomish Bridge Project
Cylon Space Needs
Chandelier Dreams at Lusio
Trump Hellmouth at Covid House of Horrors
Upper Sky River Table
Photon Turbin Spirals
The Skykomish Hotel and the Blue Lady
The Zymphonic Wormhole
Steve the Robot H.E.Ai.D.

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