Timewarp Cyberpunk Pinball Seattle

The Totally Legit crew was excited in the past two years to take on our largest project yet — transforming a new pinball bar, called Timewarp, into a dystopian cyberpunk streetscape! Two year’s worth of art and effort went into the space, with participation from the whole crew, including the Timewarp owners. We cannot thank everyone enough for their contributions to this tremendous effort, it was truly our largest collaborative effort yet and super run! Here are some photos of highlights:

Pinball Seattle Mural — painting by Shelly Farnham, light boxes by Brandon Traynoff, digital transformation by Jeffrey Larson

Electronics Bar — construction by Brandon Traynoff, with help from the whole crew

Street Signs — Design by Jeffrey Larson, light boxes by Brandon Traynoff and Shelly Farnham, art by Shelly Farnham

Cyberpunk Car — vector graphics by Jeffrey Larson, fabrication by Dan Walker

Pink Dragon Bathroom — Jeffrey Larson and Shelly Farnham

Surface Texturizing for Distressed Look — Shelly Farnham, JJ Jameson

Overall Concept, Project Management, Lighting Design by Shelly Farnham and Greg Larson

Be sure to come check out at Timewarp in Capitol Hill, Seattle, at 1420 E 10th Street! See more pictures in the Timewarp Facebook photo albums, including one about the build process and the art and design.

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