December 2019 – February 2020 at the Vermillion Art Gallery and Bar

This group show invited artists and technologists to explore how altering our gaze through the prism of shifted reality transforms the mundane into the magical, the bland into a kaleidoscope of color, and the flat into volumes of shapes.

Participating creatives:
Totally Legit :: Andrew Cole :: Ben Flaster :: Brandon Traynoff ::Dan Walker :: Greg Larson :: Jeff Larson :: Maggie Shelton :: Rohin Mittal :: Shelly Farnham :: April Denton :: Giddy Arts :: Beanne Hull :: Karen Walker :: Nancy Cleveland :: Joanie Keaunui :: Federico Seco de Lucena :: Marilyn Martin :: Madelle Quiring :: ASKXXI :: Nathan DiPietro, Jeff Brice, Rebecca Cummins, Miguel Bolt, Genevieve Tremblay :: & Friends :: David Hull :: Josh Lind :: Tomas

See more photos on our Facebook photo album for the event.

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