Totally Legit at Covid House of Horrors: Trump Hell Mouth & Mask Maze

Marty Griswold with Art Saves Me & OneReel invited us to create an installation for their Covid House of Horrors — a cross between a traditional house of horrors and art exhibition exploring covid pandemic experiences.

Our Totally Legit crew was excited by the opportunity, since it has been a slow year for artists due to the pandemic. We got together and brainstormed ideas, discussing some of our worst covid nightmares, and our most feared future scenarios. We decided to create a Trump horror mouth leading into a mask maze, to convey that claustrophobic feeling of navigating between all the misinformation and trying to not get the covid-19. See photos.

The newspaper headlines list some of our worst nightmares, some serious, some irreverent, and the people in the installation embody our fears of being jobless, homeless, under a blanket of misinformation, and surrounded by the covid-19 coronavirus. Coughing noises and puffs of air were added to a create that very visceral feeling of the horror you get at the idea of being infected.

Thanks to the fabulous Totally Legit crew for the hard work, Art Saves Me & OneReel for the opportunity, and The Stranger for loaning us three newspaper boxes.

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